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Arctic's Howl
Sharing the days, posting the progress
Months, oh so many months, and not one reply to any of this journal posts. If no one replies to this, then you can get your news on FA.

Good night peoples!
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No, no one sabotaged my gig, but I messed up another band that was playing before us! Right in the middle of their first song, I put in a CD in the mixer and turned the volume up REAL LOUD! What was the CD? It was called 101 fart sounds. We all got a kick out of it, even the band that was playing, so no harm done. As for the legal matter of my assault a while back, it has been settled out after they just gave up on calling me at 3:00 AM on the first night since it happened. Told 'em straight up "Even if you do make it big, your sound is hollow and emotionless, akin to the Jonas Brothers. Think, jackass! If you're in it for the girls, and only bringing in preteens, you're screwed. If you don't bang them, your grapes will become raisins, if you do, you get nail for rape. Give up!"

I rock at monologuing!

*Sigh* On the matters of this new girl I've been seeing, I'm at a standstill. My heart was already given to my previous girlfriend/fience, Clare, and I don't know what to give Nancy. I like her and all, but I hardly feel a thing when we kiss. I mean, I feel it touching my skin, but I feel no sensation. I assume she has only a small clue of this, as she made a comment on my blues, "That sounded like you had your heart ripped out."

In other news, I destroyed my scanner and set it on fire with the ol' white man trick!
Good news: I found out what the problem was!
Bad news: It was just a loose plug!

I fail!

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Well, it's not really my fault, I mean, they did suck some serious ass, and the fact they played a Jonas Brothers song, and maybe because everyone who saw the gig were twelve year-olds and their mothers...

That's what I've been telling myself for some time now. I am now being threatened with LEGAL ACTION for deliberately assaulting a musician and destroying their guitar... in front of their parents...

We were playing at a cafe, which normally blasts Guns 'N Roses on a regular basis, just Nance, Gunther, and myself. We were called in by a bunch of seventeen year-olds to open for them, offering us twenty bucks each for a few song. Call me cheap, but I accepted it with a grin. We played a good set of cover song:

Heart Shaped Box - Nirvana
Holidays in the Sun - Sex Pistols
Get out the Door - Velvet Revolver (Mack Dog version, as I dare not shame Slash by attempting to mimic him!)
Cocaine Blues - Johnny Cash (Purely for my own shits-'n-giggles)
The Scorpion - Megadeth
Heaven is so Far Away - Offspring (We got booed off halfway through. Don't know why.)

We were doing really great, Nance's voice was bloody amazing on Heart Shaped Box and Heaven is so Far Away. I was fuming, and our drummer, a friend of Nancy's, and literally steaming, I really mean it, it was cool to watch him! Then I just though, 'Hey, if we're getting booed off, then this band may be worth sticking around for then!'Boy, was I freakin' wrong!!! Those kids, the the obviously copywritten name of Ejip Centrol (Try Egypt Central you little rats!).

They played a bunch of lousy covers, even, coincidentally, Holidays in the Sun, which we just did, and SOS by the Jonas Fags. I swear to you, my friends, my ears bled rivers. They were bad, even by Jonas standards. after some time (Me falling in and out of life from SEVERE blood loss), the show ended, the those little girls screaming at the top of their lungs. We were all waiting backstage, to get our pay and book it, but after the drummer, who shall remain nameless, said they sucked out loud, they began to pick a fight with us. But really, someone HAD to say it, I was about too. The guitarist even took a shot at my playing, calling it ripped off. I really took offense to it, as I am, in no way, a thief. I freakin' EXPLODED on this kid, who stood at eye-level to me. I said a whole bunch of shit, then booted the guy across his guitar, effectively snapping it in two. He fell on ground, then his mommy comes in for the rescue, waving a finger in my face. She actually told me that we sucked out loud, and was going to sue us for attacking her precious baby. Gag fest! We get banned from the cafe, a pending lawsuit for a civil dispute (At most, I'll be asked to buy the ass a new Squire Strat (It's $80 bitch, buy it yourself!!), and a heavy night of party drinking at my usual bar afterwards into the dawn (Yeah, only one bar that would allow me, nevermind trust me, to stay in the bar all by himself. One of the perks of having the owner's wife being one of my mom's best friends!).

That's that! Fuck the runts for sucking out loud, they won't survive!

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Since my fiance left me, my will to do anything deteriorated into oblivion. I became near-suicidal in a Kurt Cobain sort of way, such as a fascination with death, guns, the civil problems of 'society' and getting getting pissed at almost everything...

But it has changed now!

I met a girl at the bar I frequent often, kinda cliched, but I've seen her there a lot, even before my break-up. I was sitting in my usual spot, a corner in the room with a wall that has been scribbled on by many frequent patrons long before me, some scribbles being my own. She just came up to me out of nowhere, sat down, and had a drink. We didn't say anything for a while until she introduced herself. Nancy... Or so she told me to call her, I was later told her name was Heather, she didn't at all look like a Heather to me! She dresses like a punk rocker, and coincidentally, she was a guitar player/vocalist who was without a band, which is, in my opinion, like a fish out of water. Two weeks ago, I invited her into my home, just to chat and whatnot, and she just went ahead, picked up my prized Guild Standard Carved, which is a guitar I would break your fingers over if you touched it, and commenced playing/singing Smells Like Teen Spirit, which was a song by Nirvana (I'm going with this band as a theme for this journal, as so many things relating to them has happened recently) that really struck me hard. I bloody fell in love again, to a girl called Nancy.

Moving on, I took on a lodger, one of my friend's little bro's that got kicked out of the house for pretty much rebelling to his parents, insulting his grandparents, and such shit I kill someone for. He's behaved so far, probably because he thinks of me as a comrade in rebellion, so I have no complaints. I did lay down some heavy rules for him:

-My Studio is OFF LIMITS
-Touch my Guild, and you will find yourself on fire next to the river
-If it's yellow, let it mellow. Ifs it's brown, flush it down
-You must attend school if you're under eighteen
-You must have some sort of income, as mine will not cover you
-You will sleep outside if you do not come in the house before 10PM
-No more than two friends at any time on my property, which includes lawn, driveway, and inside my home
-Make you're own damn food
-be nice to my dog

And that would be it for my rules. Pretty hardcore if you ask me.

Even more recently, we (Gunther, Nancy, and myself) went out on the town, looking for any action. Nancy somehow managed to swipe Gunther toque, and I just stood there, staring at him. After watching so many music videos of Nirvana, I have came to find out Gunther is the spitting image of Kurt himself! Though his hair is a tad to long, but we fixed that! Now, Nance is joking around, calling us the zombie trio, commenting my hairstyle and accent/slang is supposedly relative to dead punk king, Sid Vicious. I don't see it.

Anyway, that's my life for ya. Mack Dog (AKA Zombie Sid) signing off!!

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Well, I've finally going to do what I've been putting off for two years... College. I have finally been accepted into Red River Tech after trying to register two years straight. I managed to get in solely for the tech and art courses. Lucky me, Mack Dog Studios is going to get a boost in its skills.

And that's right, I've finally made a room in my basement into an art studio/computer room with enough space to fit about five people with a good arms-length of space between them without hitting any equipment. I've put a decal on the door saying "Mack Dog Studios", though it kinda camouflages amongst all of the band stickers.

I began dating again, after recovering from minor mental breakdown. And already dumped one bitch with grande reason: Kicked my dog with intent to harm. Told her to leave my home, and as she tried to make an argument, I snapped, which is rare in the extremes, and called her every name under the moon, constantly on the offensive, ending with me slamming the door on her face. I seriously think she deserved it. Hell, I've already forgotten her name.

Not much else other than I got a new guitar, a Fender Jaguar, orange-ish. Only but it to make Gunther, my best friend and Fender lover, jealous.

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So... I come home from a relaxing trip and I figure out today that my best childhood friend was brutally beaten up by some prick and his younger brother. I just gave him a call to tell him to get well real soon, you know, the sort of thing a real friend would do. He informed me more about the entire thing, gave me some details before he broke down in tears. All he was doing was hanging out by a local skate park and two guys, A 19 year-old and a 10 year-old, come up, shout out my buddies name, and brutally beat him to a pulp, breaking his nose and cheekbone. Now, I know my best friend would have obviously have won the fight as he had military training through his teen years, but this was a fight he simply could not win. How could a strong 21 year-old man lose to two kids? Well... He didn't have a machete and a knife, that's how.

To the youth of today, I have only this to say: Fuck you, you incompetent worms!

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Well... I've finally gotten over my severe depression over losing the one I nearly lived for, and I'm doing a lot better. A female friend of mine, whom I promised that she'd be second in line if we do break up, has given me some time alone and has now begun to swoop in. Sure, Natasha is nice and all, a bit clingy, and I have no real complaints. I just wouldn't really call her a girlfriend quite yet until I'm sure Clare would have no objections when she sees us together, which is a growing fear.

I disappeared for ten whole days and have now returned and with shock at my side. I soon found out if I was only one hour earlier and not miss the first Grey Hound bus, I could have been witness to the murder that everyone is so worked up about. And the night after I discovered the news, I got a nightmare that I was actually on the bus, watching the murder happen in someone else's point of view. And just recently I picked up news paper showing a picture of the Ghoul, and you know what, the dude looked exactly like the guy in my dream. I'm scared!

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Yeah, but I seriously did try to jump off the Louis Bridge, like most depressed people, to my death. I did get help with a punch to the face from close friends, so I believe I'm fine. What's my problem? Is it money? Another death? A dept with the Italian Mafia? No, no. Let me explain...

My fiance left me. We broke up two weeks ago and I've been pretty down, though people in real life wouldn't be able to tell from my usual cheerful demeanor. She just felt that she had been mooching off of me, which is totally understandable as I take pleasure in spoiling and flattering, I'm a suck-up artist.

So now I'm all alone with my little pup, Mika, and many off my good friends staying over to make sure I don't do anything drastic. But how do they know if they are on the other side of the room?

One friend took me out bear hunting, and I must say that I have no guts for this sort of thing. We did get a huge black bear and did it put up a fight. It charged at us before my friend shot it. I swear I did not fire a single bullet! Don't call me a heartless murderer! Anyways, as my part of the 'bounty', I got a few bear claws and two fangs, which will be made into pendants and sold on Ebay for about $300 as a starting bid. They are in superb condition and cleaned off naturally, on top of a red ant hill.

I'll be fine, I've already made up plans to work around my grief and be much better in no time at all!

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So... I'm all alone in my new house for the first time... I feel alone, without hope, without love... Okay, naybe not without love, I still have the new puppy, the Husky/Shepard mutt, Mika.

Clare went to Orlando with her family and I couldn't go, do to lack of cash to enter Disney World, only one of us could go, and I couldn't just leave Mika in a kennel for two weeks. So I decided to stay, not wanting my fiance to miss any fun with her family, saying I'll be fine with Mika and to only bring my back something from the Pirate of the Caribbean ride, since that is my favourite ride, next to the Aerosmith Rockin' Roller Coaster.

I feel like my mojo has returned to me, if not darker and more intense than it once was. However, my writing will stop for a little bit until I find time to edit my new story. How is it that I always start something, but never end it? It always vexes me!

I'm going to do a little anthro art featuring my new child. I love with all my heart, and she loves me equally, sleeping on my lap and on my chest when I lay down. She's just so adorable, I can't wait for her to be full grown, I need something fluffy for a pillow.

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Well... Clare's birthday is coming up, and I gave her her present early. Guess what it was... No, not that... No, I didn't have freaky sex with her...

Give up? I bought a house out of the money I was going to use to buy a house in Montreal with! It's not too far from were we are now, just in a small, quiet neighbourhood, like the one I used to live in. My best friends, Gunther and Daniel, found a vacant house for me so I didn't have to leave the city, so it's more a joint present from the three of us. I already filled out everything, so it is truly ours! Clare's packing all of her things now, and I'm pretty much finished myself. I really only needed to pack my guitars and games while she had to pack some of her... Um... Whatever she owns, I don't really pay attention, I'm the packrat in this relationship.

Also, Gunther's keeping an extra present at his place, hence the reason I've been over the a lot recently, and Clare isn't going to get her till we finished moving in! Wait! Did I say her? No, goddammit, I didn't buy a prostitute... You sick f**ks... I might as well give away the surprise! I bought a puppy! A little husky pup that I picked up at the pound with the leftover cash from buying the house. I haven't settled on a name yet though... Either Layla or Mika. Help me think of one.

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